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Startup Finance

Funding your new business is easy with BXB - call 0800 368 7619.

Our specialist team helps finance thousands of new businesses start up and trade every week.

Most lenders and banks are not prepared to lend to start-up businesses or require you to jump through unrealistic hoops, using outdated processes with impossible hurdles in your way.

We want to lend to your new business. We look at the likely success of your business, the people behind it and their experience, we want to approve your funding.

This is what makes Businessxbridge so unusual. All proposals are considered by people and not machines.  Every situation and proposal is different and therefore needs our specialist team.

Make your Idea a Reality, stop searching. We will help you.

We have a specialist department solely providing new start businesses with: Start up funding, finance to purchase a business, start-up capital and general cash flow finance for stock and staff.

We understand the challenges that start-up businesses have. Our huge experience means that no matter how unusual your requirements are, we already understand how to help.

We will not be able to offer finance if you are located in Scotland, Northern or Republic of Ireland.  We offer both unsecured and secured funding, dependent on credit guarantors may be required.


Call : 0800 368 7619

What we require to make a decision?

Please speak to an account manager today or apply online. – We are open 7 days a week.